10 modern ways to win a perfect Group Discussion

10 modern ways to win a perfect Group Discussion

Written By: Anku Adarsh

We all have the knowledge of conventional DO’s and DON’Ts of GD. To your surprise, the panelists also know that you have crammed the traditional ways perfectly and hence they have made a shift from the old line of evaluation. It’s no more a world where the beginner or the concluder has a sure shot advantage. So, let’s explore the 4th dimension of the modern GDs.

P.S. – Needless to say that you should have basic knowledge about all the common and burning topics (issues) of the society.

1. The game of brain.


Performing in a GD is all about finding opportunities and striking right though them. Besides having a good content on the topic allotted, you must know what, how and when to open your mouth. That’s why, let your brain play the pivotal role with the mouth and hands (body parts) being the side actors.

2. Analyse your lot/bunch.


Most of the times you would be competing with your acquaintances, but in case if this isn’t the case (haha), I would suggest you to work a little bit  before the GD to know something about the (potential) members of your bunch. Go and interact with them politely and courteously.

3. Be in the minority’s side


As soon as the topic is allotted, analyse which side of the topic most people would choose and choose the opposite side as yours. Trust me; it helps to put limelight on you. Say if its NaMo vs RaGa, choose RaGacuz choosing NaMo might induce a sense of cowardice in you as there are a plenty of points to support him.

4. Don’t rush to be the introducer


99.9% people bear the myth that one who starts the GD, is almost through to the next round. It’s not the case. Due to this, in most cases there will be people clashing with the ’good morning’ phrase. People start the GD and stumble, fumble and finally tremble because they focus more on ‘starting the process’ rather than ‘bringing the content’ (at the start, content DOES matter until the fish market situation arises). However, if after getting the direction to start the discussion, everyone is mum for a significant fraction of a second; SHOOT your lungs out cuz the ship is all yours to sail, Sailor!

5. Be the second in line


When the first person is done with his bit (with probably the easier side of the topic), start with keeping point 3 in mind. Stay cool, relaxed, clear and loud enough and most importantly, be short and crisp. Don’t you worry, the event has just started and you will get more chances to speak. If you terribly miss speaking second, be the third one in the line. Just think why these days Steyn and Johnson start as the third bowler even being the team’s spearhead.

6. Keep yourself in the discussion


Speak every now and then in the discussion. It’s like a train. Once the engine ignites, passengers must make efforts to board it otherwise you won’t be able to catch it. This doesn’t mean that you start to dominate the group. It simply means that you should be vital component of your team (of enemies).

7. Maintain eye contact


Look only to the group members and never look to the panelists. Also, maintain a character of addressing someone whenever your part gets the dialog in the play. Also, bear a concerning face for the topic allotted. No need to smile continuously or to be as serious as junior AB.

8. Communicate the conventional GD rules


I personally think that this is the reason why we are taught the conventional rules.  Besides your views on the topic, this also counts as it makes the panellists think that you care about the fair playing techniques. Keep saying ‘We are deviating from the topic’, ‘please don’t use “you” to address someone’, ‘let’s give person X a chance to share his/her views’, ‘please don’t point fingers’ etc. whenever needed. Work this out only if you have shared a significant amount of content on the topic.

9. Agree to others at the end


Dramatize the scene of getting convinced with the others very naturally. Since we started with being on the minority’s side, it’s always good to agree to the majority’s side without leaving the original side. Surrender yourself. Get convinced with the Spartans. Lose the battle to win the game.

10. Conclusion


If you have followed all above points then probably you are supremely positioned to be selected. You can either opt to conclude (if needed), or can throw the ball to someone else to conclude. Hardly matters. But if you think that you have screwed up your shot in the entire discussion, grab this part and capitalize it. Have that ’do or die’ thing in your brain.

Always remember, GD is a bulk rejection process and not a selection process. All you have to do is avoid getting rejected. Rehearse for GD on a regular basis if you want it to be just a piece of cake for you.

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