10 Myths about Competitive Exams

10 Myths about Competitive Exams

Written By: Sougat Chakraborty

Myths are unnecessary yet unavoidable elements which spread into the candidate’s mind during preparation of the competitive exams. They start to believe on these myths without knowing the actual truth behind them.

Today we are going to go through some of the myths & their existence. They really hamper the preparations or they are just to make you nervous and sweat it out. Let’s find out.

1. Myth: You need to have an extraordinary mind like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking etc. to crack any competitive exam.

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Fact: Seriously! It doesn’t requires an extraordinary mind rather than an ordinary mind who’s prepared to do hard work & has strategy to crack it.

2. Myth: You need to join a reputed coaching or institute for clearing competitive exams.

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Fact: The truth is coaching only provides you the guidance & direction. The real strength or say backbone of the preparation lies on your shoulders i.e. Self-Study.

3. Myth: You would be requiring 3-4 reference books for any subject preparation.

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Fact: This is totally absurd. Imagine if you start buying 3 books for say 4 subjects that means a total of 12 books, first which will cost you a lot of money, secondly it would be next to impossible for you to study all the books. Best option is to stick with two books at maximum. First a standard/Base Material & any good reference book should be your 2nd option.

4. Myth: Study for at least 16-18 hours daily.

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Fact: Are you Serious 18 hours daily?? This is practically impossible excluding few exceptions. The total time of study doesn’t matters, what matters most is quality study that too not on a single stretch rather than on aggregate basis.

5. Myth: All Education systems in our country has become corrupted so even if we work hard we won’t clear the examination.

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Fact: I can’t disavow the statement completely but it is also not the complete picture. No system is full proof, there might have some loopholes, flaws but that doesn’t mean your hard work won’t be repaid. 

6. Myth: The competition is quite tough. Lakhs of candidates are appearing, it’s impossible for someone like me to clear it?

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Fact: Yes I would agree that the competition is heavy, but it would be wise to say that out of that proportion only 10-15% Candidates are preparing seriously rest are just mere crowds. It is impossible? Consider the case of prestigious Civil Services Examination: 9 Lakhs candidates get registered, 4 Lakhs Appears on the exam day, 20,000 gets shortlisted for Mains, 5000 (Approx.) makes to the Interview Stage & only 1000 candidates reach the final merit list. Now imagine if these candidates would have this thought in their minds would they be able to reach this position?

7. Myth: Don’t prepare for almost a year and at the end join a Crash- Course & you will do wonders in the exam.

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Fact: For me Crash- Course is meant for crashing only. Consider this situation:
Suppose Ajay Devgan exercised for 2 hours per day for 90 days continuously & transformed into a “muscle man” for his movie Singham. Therefore if you exercise 12 hours a day for 15 days, you’ll get the same muscular body. Is it possible? Why not? 90 X 2 = 180 and 12 X15 is also 180! Even if you take steroids, this is not possible. Same goes with the Crash -Course. There are no shortcuts to success. Believe it.

8. Myth: If you fail in exam, the blame goes to difficult paper, competition, and bad-luck etc.& list goes on!

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Fact: Wise words from Albert Einstein “Success is 99% Perspiration & 1% Luck”. Your part is to get that 99%. Leave that 1%. It will come to you sooner or later. When you fail it gives you space to think what actually went wrong. Introspect &make necessary changes to your strategy. 

9. Myth: I belong from Hindi Medium/Regional medium background, it is very difficult for me to crack the exam.


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Fact: Seriously your language barrier has nothing do with the examination. These days the question papers are printed in bilingual languages and sometimes in regional languages too in case of some exams. Your presence of mind & practice is going to make you win. When there is will, there is way.

10. Myth: Going to appear for the exam with your mind filled with thoughts of cut-offs, merit list, Interview questions, Salary, Govt. facilities & here also the list goes on.

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Fact: What happens when you try to pour tea in filled cup, its gets spilled out. The same rules applies to our human brain. Don’t go to the exam with a mind full of unnecessary thoughts which are totally irrelevant for the exam.

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