10 reasons to select Science as your subject after Class 10th

Written By: Anku Adarsh

Oh wow! Finally you are done with your class 10th exams. Now it’s time to take a leap into an ocean of knowledge. 11th is coming! Oh wait! but what should you choose as your stream? Is science the stream that you or your ‘just-appeared-10th cousin thinking to opt? Well spare some time and read below the reasons why you must choose science as your major ahead.

1. If you always tends to know the secret behind anything and everything


Most of us (Indians) don’t bother much about the reasons behind things. But if YOU DO, then don’t take a second call- GO WITH SCIENCE.

2. Troubleshooting attracts you


If you hold a tester, wrench, nuts & bolts and similar things to solve household issues just because you love to do so, then make it as your career. Opt Science!

3. You love the white coats


What do doctors, scientists & researchers have in common? Yes, the professional white coats and the labs. Choose Science to get into those messy-yet-simple rooms to feel the white peel.

4. A wide range of opportunities


Not only science, but others also provide opportunities but still you’ll HAVE to give the benefit of doubt to Science and its future options as people around you (especially mum n dad) are aware about it more than any other stream.

5. A paradigm shift is possible


Even though we should not discuss it in the first place but still, if you choose Science and get struck, don’t panic. We have got a way out. Jump to commerce or arts after 12th. Explore this through the net before you reach a point of no return (although you won’t, but still)

6. Understand your capabilities


Now this one’s serious. You are the best person to gauge your capabilities, so just DO IT. Again, stream selection after 10th is in no way related to your (family’s) prestige in your locality or society. Have that “Bhaad me jaaye duniya, hum bajaayein harmonia” attitude in you :)

7. Tussle of heart and money


Yes, in totality, SCIENCE DEMANDS a higher investment than other streams. As in most cases, money acts as a (mind) barrier for people to excel ahead. But this is never the case in reality. This is not your age to think about money. Leave the cobweb behind and hear your heart.

8. ‘She’ loves science


Don’t laugh. If ‘she’ is crazy about science & you are AVERAGE or above in science (along with being crazy for her), then probably ‘she’ can bring your interest in the subject (you will never want to be her junior and hence, will work hard).

(Read this point at least 5 times before moving ahead). Girls, the same applies to you. Hope you know the concept of “gender equality:)

9. The demanding nature of the stream


UNDERSTAND & DISCOVER the amount of labour, dedication, interest and scope of science. Work out a route map of your future & prepare backups if you get struck somewhere in future. Ask ‘why-why’ to people who guide you to opt science

10. Explore the net


This is one of the most important decisions of your life and the internet is now your best pal. Ask your good friend all the possible questions before choosing science as your stream.

So, what are you waiting for? Pop out of your bed and do the rightful thing.

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