10 reasons why you must read Newspaper

Written By: Sougat Chakraborty

1. The first and foremost benefit of reading newspaper is it keeps us aware with recent happenings of all over the world, and easily available into the reach of millions of people every day.

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2. Newspapers comprises of various issues ranging from State, National, International, Political Economic affairs to Sports, Social Media, Knowledge Specials etc.  In simple words we can say that it covers every aspect of recent events occurring on day to day basis.

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3. One of the key aspect on reading newspaper on daily basis is that it widens your grasp over various issues and improves your understanding about the subject. It ultimately leads to point where you have a very good command on any topic irrespective of its genre.

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4. Newspapers are the beneficial to improve to one’s command over language, your vocabulary, your pronunciation, reading speed. Automatically the vocabulary gets enriched and the language becomes richer, fluent and more expressive.

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5. In this very fast pace of life people usually spend less time to read newspapers , the solution exists in the form E-Papers which are easily available on various platforms such iPad, Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks where u can just scan through the important headlines of the day and any news inclining to your areas of interests.

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6. The importance of newspaper reading has increased tremendously among students since quite a number of competitive exams like UPSC, Bank PO, or any other exam that involves interview comprises of questions pertaining to current affairs.

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7. Newspapers are the best source of knowledge related to your locality, your district or state. It gives you a conclusive idea of events taking place near you.

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8. Reading Newspaper is one of the cheapest means of acquiring information and knowledge. Since it is available at a very minimal cost which enables it to be easily accessible to all.

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9. So much is happening every day that unless you keep yourself abreast of these changes you cannot adjust yourself to situations or move with the times smoothly and easily which is fulfilled by newspapers.

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10 .Newspaper builds the nation and also guides the government. They generally make healthy criticisms of the activities of the government. They point out its mistakes and set it on the right path. The importance of Newspaper can never be denied. They serve as a link between the people and the Government.

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