10 Things you must know to improve Body Language

Written By: Sougat Chakraborty

Body Language is an important part of communication which can constitute to 70% or more what we are communicating. It has profound influence in all aspects of our lives & therefore it plays a crucial role during communication. Let us go through some points which will prove beneficial to all of us.

1. Stand Like Superman : Gain Confidence

Two minutes of power posing – standby tall , holding your arms out or towards the sky or standing like Superman with your hands on your hips will dramatically increase your level of confidence.


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2. Smile : Reduce Stress

Make yourself smile. You’ll feel less stress even if nothing else about the situation changes & there’s a bonus: When you smile other people feel less stress too which of course will reduce your stress levels. So kill two stresses with one smile.


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3. Posture : The loudest

Among the many attributes of body language, posture is one of those that speak the loudest. Assume a confident posture by standing straight & keeping your shoulders form but not rigid or tight. Keep your head high & legs strong. These will not just make you look confident on the outside but also make you feel more confident on the inside.


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4. Positive Body Language : Its crucial

The first thing people observe in another person is the body language, a positive body language sets you apart from one with the negative one. This makes body language crucial for making first impression. As they say, first impression lasts long.


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5. The ‘Tell Tale’ Sign : Sign of Deception

To spot a liar look out of these “the tell-tale” signals. Group of movements that collectively put to a particular state of mind & sometimes they are highly accurate indicator of deception.

Hand touching, face touching, crossed arms, leaning away; if you see these “Tell-tale Four” being displayed together, Watch out!!!!!!!


Image Source: Graceandtruth.me

Micro Expressions are very brief facial expressions lasting only a fraction of second (1/15 to 1/25 of a second). They occur when a person either deliberately or unconsciously conceals a feeling. Why are Micro Expressions Important? Isn’t the question you all are thinking right now? Let’s find the answer….

6. Micro Expressions improves your emotional intelligence

One of the important way to improve Emotional Intelligence is developing skills which helps you to understand the human face. Learning how to read micro expressions will help you to understand feelings in others & at the same time you would more aware of your own feelings.


Image Source: eitraningcompany.com

7. Micro Expressions spots concealed emotions

Think of Micro expressions as this man’s face, the expressions on the paper plates are what he chooses to show to you, but you might see micro expression of his true feelings underneath.


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8. The Nut-bolts of Micro Expression

Seven Emotions have Universal Signals: Anger, Fear, Sadness, Disgust, Contempt, Surprise & Happiness.


Image Source: WordPress.com

9. Micro Expressions helps you to understand others

When you start interpreting the micro expressions, it helps you to recognize the real sensitivities, though the people might belong from different cultures & language still having the same emotions and expressions.


Image Source: michaelvhurley.com

10. Manage your own emotions

Learning to recognize facial expressions of emotion in others helps you to learn to recognize your emotions. It improves your conscious awareness of your internal emotions.


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