10 useful ways to utilize your Summer or Semester break

10 useful ways to utilize your Summer or Semester break

Written By: Anku Adarsh

We all plan to relax i.e. sleep or become inactive when the summer breaks approach. Summer is our hibernation period. But instead I would want you to give it a thought that CAN SUMMER BE A FUN TIME? Let’s take a look at some of the popular ways to look at the summer break differently.

1. Early to bed and early to rise


Follow it with full heart. Most of us have developed this tendency to prolong our sleep duration during vacations/holidays. But actually during the vacations, we should try to bring our body clock aligned with the old saying. Manage your day time properly and hence follow the idiom. Also, prepare a to-do list for the next day and allocate the time for each activity.

2. Read, write and explore


This vacation introduce yourself with the current/burning topics through the newspapers/magazines/journals etc. For more elaboration on this point, view <link to 10 benefits of newspaper which was already published on the website>. Write diaries at night. Jot down all the learnings from the day and write puzzles, jokes, short stories etc. Or you can even write blogs and make it available to friends. Explore the TV, internet in all possible manners. Don’t narrow your schedule; instead bring all possible openness in your mind. The sole purpose of this point is to consolidate your command on your communication skill.

3. Subject your stomach to seasonal fruits and vegetables


Remember only FRUITS and VEGETABLES. Don’t include ice-creams and other similar stuffs in the aforementioned category. In summers, our body refuses to take in rice, pulse, chapatti and other regular items. So to meet the body’s requirement, eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Don’t worry about water. The SUN will take you to the fridge bottles itself.

4. Play outdoor games-Kick laziness outta your body


Use the morning and evening hours to get onto the fields. Get it straight in your mind that “ACs are your biggest enemy in summer”. Go to gym for some workout if you don’t get any street game to play. Go for cycling, swimming etc. Sweat, sweat and sweat all the more you can.

5. Family trips


Well, you don’t need us to explain this point. We all have family outings in the summer, either to the relatives or to any hill station, tourist spots, water parks, amusement centres etc. What we would like to suggest to you is that fully utilize the outing. Take a digicam with you and just relax and spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. Alternatively, you can also explore the world with your friends circle. Trust me; an outing is something that gives you “paisa vasool” waali feeling once the vacation ends.

6. Part time activities


Connect with NGOs, social servicing groups, gram/nagar panchayats and suggest the innovative ideas that will bring a great change to the society. Besides being suggestive, involve physically in the activities. Apparently you will find yourself engaged in PMs “Brooms Up” movement. Alternatively, form groups with friends/colony members etc to contribute significantly. At the very least level, bring out a few awareness rallies on topics of concern like “save water/girl child” (Keep “save tigers” out of this), have some self-made knowledge-imparting posters, flyers, banners and other similar things stick at public places.

7. Teaching is the best way of learning


Give tuitions to the needy people, to your school/college juniors/cousins/siblings/parents (YES, even PARENTS) on topics of their concern where you should behave as that teacher from your past who has haunted you the most. Teaching helps YOU more than OTHERS as it strengthens your command on the topics you take. Suggestion: Please don’t trade knowledge.

8. Learn new state-of-art activities


Billiards, snooker, lawn tennis and even swimming are the things to learn this summer. Robotics, computer language courses, English speaking classes, online study courses (prefer the certification courses), learn other languages and many more of the crash courses make themselves available during vacations. Please please please enroll yourself in these less-lucrative-but-essential activities. Of course, they come with a nominal price package but the learnings you will get will be of prime value.

9. Don’t forget to catch-up with your study.


This is the time when you can really spare minimum 2-3 hrs daily with your school/college subject matters. The mind never gets exhausted with this much amount of study. Plus, when the vacation ends, you won’t feel like an alien in the class. Make a good mix of the subjects from previous sem/class and next sem/class. Cram formulae, rewrite the long theoretical answers. Not necessarily devote time to books; you can also surf through videos, presentations and study materials on the internet.

10. Help your mum/paa/grannies with their works


Well don’t be an OBJECT for other family members by sleeping or plugging earphone in your cell phone or lappy or capturing the TV remote. Don’t give them a chance to curse you for anything. Instead, help your mum with house hold activities, cooking, cleaning etc. Help your Pa with the market-related activities and ease him with your helping hand. Spend time with grannies and make them feel comfortable. Be an ideal child for your parents.


No one can understand you better than yourself. Whatever we suggest you to do, its improvisation depends on ONLY YOU because eventually, you will be the one who will walk out winner at the ends of your vacation. If you feel that it’s too much asking from the REAL YOU, try to adopt a few of the above mentioned activities. Have a happy summer!

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