10 valuable facts you cannot ignore about 'World Earth Day'

10 valuable facts you cannot ignore about ‘World Earth Day’

Written By: Sougat Chakraborty

45 years before, this day was celebrated by over 20 millions of people in USA as “World Earth Day”. A day to remember our mother earth & to demonstrate support for environment protection. Today more than a billion of people in more than 192 nations are going to celebrate the 45th anniversary with a theme of this year being “It’s our turn to lead, our world leaders will follow us by example”.

Lets come across some astonishing facts about the world earth day which we were unaware of:

1. It was first celebrated on April 22nd 1970, an over of 20 million Americans participated in it. It was actually protest against industrial revolution of the mid 19Th century. An environmental movement was born as a result.

2. This day got its international recognition from the year 1990’s onwards with 140 countries participating in it.


Image Source: avse.edu.vn

3. Presently over a billion people from 192 countries will be a part of this day making it one of the world’s largest observance day.


Image Source: blog.walmart.com

4. In the year 2009 earth day, Disney released a documentary film called Earth which showcased the migration paths of four animal families.


Image Source: jetsongreen.com

5. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day. President Bill Clinton awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1995 for his role as Earth Day Founder.


Image Source: nelsonearthday.net & boiseweekly.org

6. In the year 2011, 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan by the Earth Day Network.


Image Source: inhabitat.com

7. In 2009, the United Nations renamed Earth Day & now calls it International Mother Earth Day.


Image Source: earthtimes.org

8. Popular activities that people participate in on Earth Day include planting trees, collecting garbage, cleaning up the coral reefs, signing petitions and planning for a cleaner environment & better planet.


Image Source: alter.corps.org

9. Some communities & schools choose to celebrate Earth Week, allowing for more time to make the earth the focus of teaching & study.


Image Source: grpl.org

10. Earth Day is important to help to raise awareness of the impact we have on the environment and what can be done about it.


Image Source: arwadedevlopers.com

So now when you all have known the importance of this day, do take few minutes of your time for making this planet a better place.

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