10 wonderful ‘Sachin’ qualities you must learn to make your life better

Written By: Sougat Chakraborty

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, The Superman from India, God of Cricket, Master Blaster & many more. This legend needs no introduction. His name speaks for himself.

Today we are going to have a look at some of his qualities which made this 16 years old boy (now 41) into one of the legends of cricket’s history.

1. Hardwork

“A dream doesn’t becomes a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination & hardwork.”  – Collin Powell


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Hardwork is a quality which few people are really willing to do in their lives but it is one of the life’s most important key to success. When you stop working, things stop working.

2. Self-Belief

“You have to believe in yourself when no-one else believes in you in the world & somehow this concept has to become a reality.”


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Sachin is the best example of the same. The belief upon self that I can fight through the most difficult circumstances & reach my target ultimately makes him one of the best sports athlete in the world.

3. Concentration


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The most important trait of Sachin’s character which had allowed him to get up even after defeats & perform to the utmost levels of perfection.

4. Curiosity to learn

         “Sikhna band to Jitna band” – Amitabh Bachchan


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It is important for all of us to understand the value of self-improvement & the eagerness to learn

irrespective of any age, culture, and religion. “The more you learn the more you grow.

5. Flexibility

“You must always be able to predict what’s next & then have the flexibility to evolve.” – Marc Benioff


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Well, it would be wise to say that Sachin has developed this trait wonderfully; whether it is Test-Cricket, ODI, IPL he has proved his mettle in all forms of the cricket. Similarly in our lives it’s important to inculcate the flexible attitude which can help you to propel through various situations quite easily & smoothly.

6. Down to Earth

Sachin has portrayed a remarkable down to earth nature & grace throughout his career. It takes a lot of effort to respect each & everyone when you are treated as the God of the Cricket”.


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It shows that apart from professional success the moral values such as compassion, integrity, and humility are also important for all of us irrespective of how much successful we are in our lives.

7. Content

“Be Content with what you have: rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” – Lao Tzu


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The above principle applies to all of us without content you won’t ever find mental peace.

8. Success is the Result

“I have never dreamed of 25000runs,to become world’s first batsmen to score double century, make

Worldrecords, my dream was only to win World Cup for India.”


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So the messages is clear “Success is the result of the efforts you have put in any task you had carried. Just focus on the process & make sure it’s right. Fame, success, power eventually comes to you at the right time.

9. Everyone’s Life is an epic journey – Don’t Give up.

The journey of a ball boy to the god of cricket has immensely satiated but also it had required a lot of courage to go through some of the life’s most difficult times. He has spoken to his critics only by his performances.


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In order to achieve greatness in life we have to go through a lot of pain. You would definitely have setbacks but you have to push through it.

10. Respect your Family – they are your best friends.

Excerpts from Sachin’s Farewell Speech:

  • My father was the most important person in my life & he told me to chase my dreams but make sure you do not find shortcuts. Above all he told me to be a nice human being, which I will continue to do & try my best.
  • For a mother, the most important thing is that her child remains safe & healthy & fit. She took care of me for the last 24 years that I played for India, but even before that she started praying for me the day I started playing cricket.
  • My eldest brother doesn’t speaks too much but he told me that whatever you do, I know you’ll always give it 100% & I have full faith & confidence in you. His encouragement means a lot to me.


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It’s not necessary you have inculcate all these qualities in a single day. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. What is important that you start developing with any of the above qualities & work around your way. Your efforts will convert into results soon.

Happy Birthday Sachin!!!!!!!!

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