5 Behind the Scenes Facts about Exam Preparations

We got to know about the myths regarding Competitive Exams in the previous articles, well in continuation to it today we are going to know about some behind the scene facts which most of the aspirants don’t pay attention to which leads to undesirable results.

1. Energy Level

Aspirants who are preparing for Competitive Examination irrespective of any stream encounter this problem commonly. Maintaining the Energy Level consistently for preparation is one of the important key’s to achieve success in the examination. The major problem starts with the initial hike in enthusiasm for the exam, then the graph of energy level constantly fluctuates ultimately leading to total energy loss commonly a stage where the aspirants feels like “not this year, will again try next year” kind of thoughts but the major concern is the same problem persists in the next year also, result remains the same again & this vicious cycle continues. In other words we can say, “Smart & Consistent Will Win the Race”.


2. Proper Diet

In my opinion, the most important fact is the intake of proper diet throughout the preparation period, since most of the aspirants work extremely hard & I mean they study for a period of 10-12 hours daily basis but they don’t keep tabs on the type & amount of food they are consuming. Mostly aspirants prefer fast foods since they take less time for cooking & it tastes delicious to mouth, but the universal fact is my friend that the things which tastes good aren’t always good for your health. Some time’s you have to take food which will provide you sufficient energy to study for long hours. It’s always good for you to opt for some seasonal fruits to be included in your diet which is easily available nearby in your locality.

The point is that you have to take proper balanced diet which not only tastes good but is actually good for your health & will help you during the studies.

“Take Care of your Body, It’s the only place you have to live in”


3. Irrelevant Thoughts (Feeling of being Insecure)

Most students who are preparing for any competitive exams encounter these irrelevant thoughts which pops up in their minds especially during study time. It proves to be quite a situation. Most thoughts revolve around the fact that fear of failure citing “What would have happen if i don’t clear the exam? What would my parents say? Would my neighbours start making fun of me?” Trust me failing in one event in life doesn’t make you a complete failure. A piece of advise:

“Focus on the process, not on the result”


4. Distractions

Yes you people have guessed it right!!! I am going to say about Facebook, WhatsApp & list goes on. Seriously I completely understand the fact that social networking is essential for all of us & the most important fact that it becomes a digital platform for sharing virtually almost anything, but as we know every coin has two sides. Social Networking, Chatting, Browsing etc… are alright until it’s done within time permissible limits.

For e.g. -You search a keyword in Wikipedia, suddenly a thought comes up let’s check my Facebook account, you login citing 5 minutes but that 5 minutes finally converts into 50 minutes of wastage of precious time which you would never get back. My point of saying is it’s not necessary for you to ban yourself from all these but rather use it for your preparation & most important within time permissible limits.

“The bad news is Time Flies, the good news is you are the Pilot”


5. Hard-Work? It’s Smart – Hardwork (Smart Work)

What happens when you start pushing a wall with all the energy you have got? You make it move Right? No? If somebody feels like yes that person might be a big fan of Rajnikanth SirOr even Daya from CID seriously.

Those days are gone when hardwork alone will fetch you high scores. The level of competition has gone to sky high limits. So how are we supposed to crack the exam? The answer is simple, by doing smart- hardwork.

Most aspirants have all sorts of ideas what subjects to prepare? Which topics they should read more about?

But very few people are aware of the fact that what’s not important? & what to skip? This small point makes a huge difference in the preparation strategy.

“Hardwork in the right direction & right manner with the element of smartness will provide outstanding results”


I hope this article will provide all of you a strong insight about the behind the scenes facts about exam preparation which most of you have ignored or were not aware of. But, I believe after reading it would strengthen your mind to prepare well for the exams.

“Wishing You All the Best”


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