10 checkpoints to analyze your CCQ

Written By: Anku Adarsh

How much are you conscious about your career? Do you have any idea where is the career bus you boarded heading towards? If you feel you have some idea in this regard then let me tell you that little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Develop a strong Career Consciousness Quotient to ease the rest of your days. Start now. Read below and analyse the gauge we provide to measure this quotient.

1. Interaction with Subject Matter Experts (SME)


What is your frequency of interaction with the torch-bearers of your subject around you? SME mostly are the counsellors, teachers, elders and even strangers who know more than you in the field that you have chosen/will choose as your career. In plain words, interact with the SMEs.

2. Internet follow up


Yes I know you use the internet. But the concern is how much relevancy you maintain in your searches with the issues that shape up your career. Well, you are on a higher side of the scale in this case if you are a regular visitor (or I should say ‘a family member’) of aptiDude.com

3. Pursuit of happiness


If you are feeling proud, high and happy about the professional life that you will have in future with what career path you have chosen NOW, then all’s good. If even the slightest bit of doubt regarding your future exists in your brain then start getting conscious about your career.

4. A regular visitor of bookstalls


If the magazines, journals, write-ups and papers know that there’s someone who would read them regularly, then believe me with my life that they will be an excellent career guides. Even just turning the pages catch your eyes towards your career then why not read them? Give it a shot.

5. Value/brand analysis of someone called ‘Me’


‘Life is a race. If you don’t run fast, you will be like a broken egg of the cuckoo bird’. Feel the competitive world and retro inspect your market value if you want to increase your career consciousness quotient. Rate yourself out of 10 in everything.

6. Networking/relationships


Don’t give yourself a perfect 10 if you have a long list of social networking site friends until you maintain a good and regular effective contact with most of them in the list. Instead, keep the list small but use them all in a professionally proactive and productive manner

7. Awareness of increasing opportunities


Knowledge of the goods, the bads and the worsts is an essential. Know about the growing branches of the tree in which you reside (the goods) and the pebbles of your path (the bads) to get conscious about future.

8. Plot a graph


Plot a graph of your recent past and analyse it to know where you excel and where you lack. Work accordingly. Repeat this exercise after a certain interval.

9. Practice/perform what you learn


One who is alert for his/her career would easily connect with this point. Also, he/she is fortunate enough to know that there is only a hairline difference between theory and practical. Are you the one?

10. Use the cell phone like your whip


Alright we all know by now that cell phones are barely used for the ‘calling’ feature. If you glue to your mobile’s internet then make the most of it. Use all the features and the net EXTENSIVELY.

So, its time you rate yourself. How much is your score out of 1o?

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