How to Handle Interviews Stress?

Art of handling Interviews Stress

Written By: Shantanu Tiwari

What is Stress, typically, during the interviews. And, how it derails and turns calamitous! Lets see…

Stress, possibly the worst known medical and literal phenomenon which occurs from our routine and then turns proliferating, contagious, detrimental and fatal. Actually, stress occurrence and its co-existence with our daily lifestyle have been so rampant that we seldom feel the need of totally surpassing it. In fact, we keep concurrence of our desires to curb stress and end up stressing ourselves more. So getting stressed to quell off stress!

I often meet up colleagues/students/peers who are excellent in terms of knowledge, highly aesthetic in ‘presentations’ and prolific in creativity, but end up into a disastrous terminus, all because of debility to manage stress. When enquired in detail, they clinched the fact that there was an imminent stress right from the announcement date. This gradually bi-lobed into a higher intensity one 2-3 days prior to the interview and gained its crest on ‘The day’. That resulted in a complete mess-up and in spite of the Gravamen (quality content in an intellectual) they got cordoned by there fears and finally got sidelined. Tragic, but true!

I recently came across an anecdotic incident ratifying the same.

An 11th standard Chemistry teacher, during her lecture on Mole concept and atomic structure, thought of pacifying the tensed (rather, Stressed) students, who were petrified of the tough examinations coming ahead. She picked up a piece of chalk and held her hand out straight. Then she asked the students, “What you think will be the effect of this chalk’s weight on me, in this position/posture”? The students replied it might be almost nil. Then she asked, “What you think will be the effect of this chalk’s weight on me, in this position/posture, if I maintain it for next 10 minutes?” Still the answers were ‘Nil”. Then she asked, “What you think will be the effect of this chalk’s weight on me, in this position/posture for next 2 hours?” This time students replied that her hand might start aching, but cause for the same will be the effort spent for carrying the chalk for such duration, and not the weight of the chalk.

Then she concluded that similarly, stress is something quite feathery and futile, but it turns out to be unbearable burden when we unnecessarily carry it for hours. Hence, stress is something very ineffective, if managed and curtailed within a shorter span.

So we have seen what stress is and what hazard it can really cause to us. In the continuity articles we will discuss more about Stress during interviews and ways to crop it out at the earliest. Till then, keep yourself Stress-Free and All the best!

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