How to Handle stress prior to “The D-Day”

Handling stress prior to “The D-Day” : 10-Tips to tone it down

Written By: Shantanu Tiwari

“Our stresses, anxieties, pains, and problems arise because we do not see the world, others, or even ourselves as worthy of love.” These words come from prolific Author, Prem Prakash, the man who translated Jewels of Bhakti Yoga (Devoted Yoga) from ‘Sanskrit Chand’ to English Verses. In his words we can further elucidate the correlation between Stress being tantamount to All Worldly sufferings and being in Quadrature with Love!

In the Part-1 of “Art of Handling the Interview Stress”, we have discussed how Stress tends ‘carcinogenic’ and erodes the foundations of, both, competencies and confidence. Factually and evidently, this rising Stress curve, fades off , as soon as  “The Day” does! In this Part-2 , let’s browse through the possible modes of curbing the Stress and  minimizing it to Nadirs, prior to “The Day”.

During my Engineering, Post graduation and Job Days in L&T , I have come across various peers who shared their individual ‘dearths’ in handling the stress. Surprisingly, most of them never acknowledged the fact that the “Fright” which they have been talking about was nothing more than an aftermath of Stress, induced on to them from Others, who had already taken those tests/interviews!

People talk to others (who have encountered a Test/Interview earlier), to gain an insight over the ‘Psych Ability’ of the Interviewer. The simple motif behind this is to structure their responses in a way , so as to satisfy the Interviewer by maximum adequacy. This is the point where Stress develops ,which limits the learning and thinking within parameters judged by other interviewees, not themselves! Thereafter, the person keeps narrowing to the possibilities of ‘Questions Posed’ and  consequent ‘response structuring’, rather than Strengthening the ‘Answer reverted’ with respect to ‘knowledge database’.

If the above notion seems a bit convoluted, lets recollect the days from our Graduation, when there was Viva Voce  conducted at the End term exams. Often, an external faculty was in to conduct the Viva and students used to go-in batch-wise (usually a batch of 5-6, Roll No. wise!). Prior to commencement of the Viva and before the first batch ‘Went in’, students used to Sit calm and focused on the Entire syllabus. But as soon as the First batch used to come out they impulsively blurted their ‘individual’ outlook on the external Faculty’s caliber and Questioning Vogue to others. Post the same, Panic used to flood off the rest of the Pack. Now we had all students hitting over certain sections with more anxiety and thus, got Stressed! The rest is not to be further discussed, as we all have our share of experiences at our Viva exams! :-)

So what we can do to avoid Recurrence of same phenomenon again in our lives?

Let’s, iterate 10 Bullet points (rather, Shield Points), to dodge off Stress prior to “the day”

  1. Ratify what you have imbibed from your hard-work till now and Harp on it..Don’t distrust its ‘might’
  2. Reviews should only be taken as References and Not Revalidations…don’t let others tickle your brain’s judgmental might
  3. Reiterate your SWOT analysis, Repetitively, so as to avoid lacuna
  4. Restore your Calm and potential , not to be derailed easily
  5. Restrain yourselves to Start the Stress Busting Initiatives,as soon as it is Diagnosed
  6. Rebuke (mentally), the deviations created by your own self, Restrict pessimism
  7. Regain optimism, even during failures during Preparations!
  8. Reap over inferences drawn from others, don’t let them Reciprocate thoughts forever
  9. Retribution for errors is acceptable, but not prolonged  panicking over them
  10. Respect the Stress Busting Rules and never be Restless in their infusion

Apart from these, Coffee and Chocolates, with motivational songs and movies can always be your ‘Tangible‘ pals for Quashing off Stress at any point of time in Life. Further, we will analyze Stress during the Interview and How Movies have played a Significant role in depicting Stress Busting!

Till then, Pls affirm to the fact that we all are in consistent efforts in Pestering the Stress, to be in our control…forever!

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