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Custom URL Shortener – Keep It Short and Simple, ‘KISS’ !

Written By: Gourav Singh

Custom URL Shortener says,

Let’s Keep It Short & Simple – KISS !

UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATOR or URL is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an internet resource. It may be substantially shorter in length and still direct to the required page. We can use this link to shorten the URL. We just have to go to this link and copy the long URL which is to be shortened and click the Shorten URL button. And we get a short URL instead of the long one.

Many web developers pass descriptive attributes in URL to represent data hierarchies, command structure, transaction parts or session information. That is why the URL contains lots of complex character patterns and so is difficult to memorize. For convenience, people use copy-paste to use the URLs. But using these long URLs everywhere is quite cumbersome & clutter prone. Also using these long URLs become impossible in places which have a word limit criterion. So, a short URL is more efficient in that place, for e.g. printed magazine or a book. On twitter or any micro blogging portal and in many instant messaging services the word limit is very less so we cannot use long URLs. These are the place where shortened URL can be used. There are many sites which provide us URL shortening services. Few of them are:;;

This is a smarter way to use links. Nobody can recognize the link just by looking at it. The shortening of links prevents the user to see the source or path of the link. This increases security as hackers may use the source/path of links for illegal activities.

There are also some drawbacks. URLs are also used by spammers for illegal internet activities. The shortened URL or internet links typically use foreign country domain names thus are under the jurisdiction of that nation. Some websites prevent short, redirect URLs from being posted. In 2009, the twitter replaced TinyURL with as its default shortener of links longer than twenty-six characters. In April 2009 TinyURL was reported to be blocked in Saudi Arabia. Yahoo!Answers blocks postings that contain tiny URLs and Wikipedia does not accept links by any URL shortening services in its articles.

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